Donate Exercise Equipment

Here at Green Fitness Products we believe that everyone should have a healthy and active lifestyle. This is why we have setup the “New Fitness Home” program which allows local families and business in need to take in your old equipment. After each donation the exercise equipment is completely inspected by our partnering company before it is taken to its new home. This insures that each piece of fitness equipment will be functional and performing at its peak once again for their new owners. If for some reason your equipment is deemed unrepairable it is then taken to our recycle facility to be taken apart to be made into new 100% Green Recycled Products.

We do ask for a small fee of $79 to remove the old product which insures your equipment will be hauled away and donated to its new owner. A percentage of these proceeds go to the research and study of “New Fitness Home” program to create an every lasting change in respective communities.

Green Fitness Products appreciates your support and effort to making sure your community is active for years to come.  Thank you for choosing Green Fitness Products and from all of us here at GFP, we wish you a long and healthy lifestyle to look forward too.

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